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BroadcastPro Slomo

Below are some examples of the footage captured by the Dreamchip Atom One SSM500 camera.  The footage you see is purposely displayed as it was captured and no post production grading has been performed on it to give you a sense of exactly the results you get out of this amazing system.



The BroadcastPro system, in partnership with facility provider Gravity Media, was used in pit lane at the 2022 Merlin Darwin Triple Crown as a proof of concept.  A Vislink RF transmitter carried the live output of the camera back to the production gallery, additionally a backpack link system was utilised to wirelessly send the replay output back to the EVS server.  This allowed uninterrupted use of the live output of the camera at the same time as capturing the stunning 500fps slomo footage from the Atom One SSM500 record buffer.  The SSM500 was perfectly colour matched to the existing RF portable Sony PDW-500 cameras via the Cyanview RCP.



The BroadcastPro ultra motion, portable, wireless solution was tested offline at the Stan Sport TCR Australia event at Sydney Motorsport Park. Stunning high definition 1080i slomo footage at 500 frames per second was captured as the camera was remotely exposed and shaded wirelessly in the Gravity Media outside broadcast production unit using the Cyanview RCP.



The BroadcastPro ultra motion, portable, wireless solution is versatile in any setting as shown here at Palm Beach on the north shore of Sydney, Australia. Stunning high definition footage can be captured in all popular scan rates including 1080 50p or 60p allowing easy up conversion to HDR in PQ or HLG if required.



The BroadcastPro ultra motion, portable, wireless solution allows high motion (up to 500fps) high definition footage to be remotely captured and replayed using standard broadcasting replay workflows from locations not traditionally possible with other popular high motion solutions.  BroadcastPro spent the afternoon filming club AFL matches at Blacktown International Sportspark between the Inner West Magpies v the UNSW Bulldogs to showcase the results that can be achieved by our system. 

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