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Portable Hand Held

Never before has it been possible to achieve true wireless ultra motion results from a portable hand held camera utilising exactly the same workflow as current popular slomo solutions.  The BroadcastPro solution allows the camera operator to shoot, the replay operator to trigger/capture and the vision engineer to expose/paint all entirely WIRELESS!


Dreamchip SSM500

The backbone of the system is the Dreamchip Atom One SSM500 camera, the smallest 2/3" CMOS, full HD sensor slow motion camera on the market.  With the ability to capture stunning slomo footage at up to 500fps, the miniature form factor unlocks never before possible ultra motion images from a handheld camera.

Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 10.26_edited.jpg

Cyanview Camera Control

The Cyanview telemetry interface and RCP provides wireless iris, paint control & tally from the production unit to the camera.  The true power of remote production is harnessed by it's ability to perform these functions from any location in the world regardless of where the camera is located using cloud technology.


Fuji or Canon B4 Lens

Optical quality is maintained through industry standard B4 mount lenses. In addition, the ability to take advantage of servo zoom, powered and remotely exposed through the Cyanview interface means unlimited creative opportunities will bring class to your production with ease. 

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