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Gimbal Mount

Take advantage of the small form factor, lightweight camera to mount the system on the industry standard DJI RS 2 gimbal generating silky smooth stabilised shots that look amazing either live or in ultra motion instant replay at up to 500fps.


Dreamchip SSM500

At just 900g the Dreamchip Atom One SSM500 camera mounts perfectly to the DJI Ronin RS 2 to deliver stabilised full HD live and ultra slomo footage.  The live output can be configured to any of the commonly used frame rates including  1080 50i or 1080p for easy integration into UHD broadcasts.  The camera can operate in either HLG or PQ mode for UHD.


Cyanview Camera Control

The Cyanview telemetry interface and RCP provides wireless iris, paint control & tally from the production unit to the camera.  The true power of remote production is harnessed by it's ability to perform these functions from any location in the world regardless of where the camera is located via cloud technology.


DJI Ronin RS 2

The lightweight spec of the Dreamchip camera allows it to be mounted to the proven DJI RS 2 gimbal allowing for smooth shots to use LIVE in production as well as giving the ultra motion footage that look of being on rails when played back at up to 500fps.

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