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In specialty/mini mode the camera can be positioned in a locations not accessible by standard broadcast cameras.  Motor racing, horse racing, football goal posts...the possibilities are endless to achieve never before seen ultra motion results utilising a very discreet footprint in normally inaccessible positions.


Dreamchip SSM500

Punching way above it's weight the compact camera head from Dreamchip, combined with the high performing 10 megapixel Kowa C-mount lens allows capture and instant replay of footage from positions not accessible to standard larger format ultra motion cameras on the market.

Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 10.26_edited.png

Cyanview Camera Control

The Cyanview telemetry interface and RCP provides wireless iris, paint control & tally from the production unit to the camera.  The true power of remote production is harnessed by it's ability to perform these functions from any location in the world regardless of where the camera is located.


High Quality C-Mount Lens

A variety of premium 10 megapixel lenses from Japanese manufacturer Kowa ensure optical quality images are captured on the 2/3" CMOS sensor of the Dreamchip Atom One SSM500.

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